Monday, February 6, 2012


Luke 5:1-11

Numerous (and more in-depth) takeaways were shared in Sunday morning’s Bible class, but one jotted down in my mini-red moleskin: Jesus knew how to catch His disciples’ attention—and He knows how to capture ours as well.

At times, He uses:

unexpected blessings (like a sinking boat, v. 7)


interruptions during the mundane tasks of daily life (v. 5a)


anything else He desires

What's He done lately to capture our attention?


Susan Stilwell said...

He's used so many things - illness, finances, aging parents, car trouble, lost luggage... When you think about it, everything that happens should be a reminder to look for Him!

Cathy Baker said...

Susan, you're so right! Nothing in our lives is by coincidence. Everything should be a reminder to look for Him. Thanks...