In this cabin sitting atop a steep mountain in the Saluda mountains, gas logs roared, laughter erupted, prayers arose, tears trickled, hot spiced cider simmered, and creativity stirred during long writing sessions. 

I was reminded that:

  • God is sovereign. Things didn’t turn out exactly as we’d planned, but we bowed the knee, embraced His plan, and left the mountain with inexplicable peace.
  • While we may not know what’s going on in the heart of another, God doesโ€”and He provides. As His eyes, arms, lips, and legs we simply need to stay attuned to how He wants to use our whole being to love on others. 
  • One can get a lot of writing done on a screened-in porch, sitting on a puffy chaise lounge with a furry blanket and a hot cup of cider.
  • Nature provides some of God’s greatest ideas and highest praise. Care to join for me for a walk outside today? 
  • Some of the best gifts come via techies. Someone in the group surprised us by compiling weekend photos and making a video. The background music? “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”, by Randy Newman. Classic.
  • Never shout “Hey, Buck!” when someone has just taken a big sip of Coke. (Sorry, I know you had to be there, but this will be worth it to the spewer in the group.)
  • The steepest driveways climbs in life can provide God’s most glorious moments. 

Have you considered planning a mini-getaway with friends? Dollars and distance can make for a nice weekend, but it’s only when we invite the greatest Friend of all that it becomes an unforgettable one.