by Cathy Baker

Yes, I LOVE Tiny Houses but I’m especially drawn to those on the whimsy side, much like the one featured today.

Look closely. You may just spot Hansel and Gretel nibbling on the roof. 

Turns out, these A-mazing (pun intended) chalets were built in the ’70’s as a vacation rental community in Blowing Rock, NC. Today, they’re sold to private owners. 

A whimsy A-frame at its best

I especially love the line of A’s, as seen below. Nothing says cozy like a tiny community. 

This introvert’s dream tiny house, however, is propped in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by mountain air and the sound of a stream all astir. 

A line of A-frame tiny houses in Blowing Rock NC
How about you? Could you see yourself in one of these A-frames? If not, where would your dream second house be located? 
 “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris