by Cathy Baker

I LOVE tiny houses.

So why is an extreme claustrophobic swooning over these miniscule jewels? 

I can’t explain it. 

All I know is that the cozy tight quarters speaks to me. Or maybe it’s our budget making so much noise since a real-sized cabin is out of reach.

A part of me would be willing to sell everything and live debt-free on the side of a mountain. Albeit a tiny part, the idea of roaming chickens, organic farm veges, and a lower stress level for the hubster holds a certain charm. 

And apparently I’m not alone. Many of you have said how much you enjoy my Tiny House Facebook posts so I plan to share a different house each Friday during the February series.  

Check out the interior pictures via Tiny House Swoon

I especially love this house with the adjoining studio. Half books, half vinyl. Oh, yes! 

So here’s a fun question for a Friday! What would you store in the adjoining room if you lived in this tiny house?