Our son Zach is convinced that the moment you take an interest in bird-watching, you become an eligible candidate for an AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) membership.

This wild and woolly nest, tucked away in a corner on our front porch, has been home for a mother mourning dove and her little one for a couple of weeks now. Last night, while watching the mother bird feed her fledgling, Psalm 91 came to mind. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” v. 4. It was comforting to see the mother bird sitting atop her young, caring for its every need. So, imagine my surprise when I realized she had not visited the nest all day. The fledgling sat at the edge of the ledge (see above) as if he were waiting for someone to yell, “Jump!”

The cool part? The mother dove was never far away. You could hear her cooing close by…and so could the fledgling.

What I learned from my AARP experience:

  • Our God uses simple illustrations for simple-minded people (thankfully!)
  • Only under his feathers will we find protection.
  • Only under his wings will we find refuge. A place of rest. A safe place. A place where we are not only known completely, but also loved completely.
  • Although there will be times when we will not sense the Lord to be as close as other times, we can be certain he is near.
  • This certainty is not based on feelings, which can often lead us astray, but rather, it is based on the fact that we, like the fledgling, recognize his voice above all others. (John 10:4)

Zach, I have only three words for you — “Sign me up!” 🙂

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