God’s specificity has played a major role in my growing desire and appreciation for the Word. I love the fact that my heavenly Father was specific in every word chosen as well as its placement in the structure of each sentence.

There are many benefits to recognizing God’s specificity, far beyond what little I know, but here are just a few that come to mind…

  • While praying. I believe the more specific we pray, the more specific His answers will be.
  • When studying the original language of the text. Learning the Hebrew/Greek meaning of a word adds depth and “color” to what seems to be black and white.
  • Purpose in life. When we believe that every word in the Word is inspired and purposed for His ultimate glory, we can live – find joy – peace – contentment in those words.

In recent days, the verse in James 1:17 has come to mind more than a few times.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

The words, every good and perfect gift is from above, have a poetic cadence in Greek. They are literally, “every good act of giving (dosis) and every perfect gift (dorema) is from above. [The Bible Knowledge Commentary]

No doubt this speaks of eternal blessings — life, salvation, being children of light, etc. But I also have no doubt the word “every” means just that… every good gift is from above. If you’re like me, I’m often quick to recognize (and thank God for) the “big” blessings in life — my salvation, family, health, Brian’s job, etc., but all too often the smaller, less noticeable blessings slip by unnoticed.

This week, I’ve been especially reminded of James 1:17 due to a couple of small, inconspicuous, yet giddy joy-filled “gifts” that I see as coming straight from the hands (and heart) of my heavenly Father.

The first “gift” arrived in my mailbox. It was a $25.00 gift certificate (with no strings attached, no minimum order) from a flower catalog. I’m sure thousands of people received the same opportunity but I had never received it before. The timing couldn’t have been better.

The second “gift” caught me totally off guard. Prior to our main water line collapsing a couple of weeks ago (and the hefty bill that went along with it) I had emailed someone on Craig’s List about a birdbath that caught my eye. The original price was $125.00, but they were asking $50.00, which seemed like a decent price at that time. Once the line collapsed, however, and we knew the amount required for the repair, Craig’s List was the last thing on my mind. On Tuesday night, I received an email from the seller saying that if I was still interested in the birdbath he would drop the price to 40.00. I thanked him for the follow-up, and the offer, but explained that due to recent expenditures I wouldn’t be able to purchase it. I wished him luck and hit the “Send” button. Within a few minutes, I received a response from the seller saying that he and his wife insisted on giving me the birdbath free of charge. I was blown away! It’s still sinking in, but I’m going to pick it up Saturday morning! I thanked them profusely, but I also thanked my heavenly Father, knowing full-well He was aware of the simple delight it would bring to this daughter’s heart.

Granted, neither of the two gifts are earth-shattering in comparison to the many blessings He bestows, but isn’t that the beauty of it, after all? All good gifts are from above. Every single one of them. Thank You Father!

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