I’m looking forward to beginning a new small group study with some of the ladies in the Sunday C4 group on Wednesday night. We’ll be studying, “In My Father’s House… Women Relating to God as Father” by Mary A. Kaissan.

I’ve led the study a couple of times in previous churches and to this day, I still have women share how the Lord used it to impact their lives. The reason? I believe it’s because regardless of the relationship we have (or had) with our earthly fathers – good or bad – it somehow impacts how we relate to our heavenly Father.

The study is about identifying and clearing any barriers that might hinder us from enjoying the relationship with our heavenly Father. The kind of relationship that He’s always desired for His creation and the relationship Christ gave His life for. Thankfully, the study is not about pointing fingers at our earthly fathers because only our heavenly Father is perfect!

Case in point. I’ve been blessed with a GREAT dad. I feel I have a very good perspective on the relationship I have with my heavenly Father, due much in part to the relationship I already share with my dad.

I quickly learned, however, that some of my perspectives were a bit skewed. For instance, I vividly remember adding a Rock Tumbler to my Christmas list when I was around 12 years old. (Hey, it was the 70’s. It could have been much worse! ha….). The idea of smoothing stones for jewelry was pretty cool, but I remember thinking that my dad would enjoy it as much as I would. That he would be pleased with my selection. Was there anything wrong with that? Perhaps not, but fast forward 30+ years and you would find a woman who was unknowingly trying to gain the approval of her heavenly Father — not from rock tumblers, but from something much less obvious (and quieter!)… underlying motives. Motives for doing “good” things in hopes of winning the approval of One who already approved of me.

Looking back, I see that the same principle held true back when I was 12 years old making out my Christmas list. I was seeking a type of approval that I already possessed.

Who would ever thought that a rock tumbler on a little girl’s Christmas list would make such an impact so many years later?

I would appreciate your prayers for this group study as we journey together through God’s Word and marvel at His wondrous love!

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