What a nice surprise to find my devotion posted on Christian Devotions this morning. (I didn’t think it would be published until April.)

But that was only chapter one of God’s story. Consider:

  • Years later, our oldest son, Brandon, met a couple of leaders at an out-of-state Christian camp where he was leading music. Soon afterward, the couple introduced him to their beautiful daughter, Megan. As of July, he and Megan will be married four years. Oh, and the couple who introduced them? They were Jim’s sister, Desi, and her husband, Steve. Neither Desi nor Brandon knew who the either was when they met. So Jim and Lesa (featured in my devotion) are now our relatives by marriage almost twenty years later.
  • Megan’s father, Steve (Jim’s brother-in-law), was the person whom God used the most to influence Jim’s coming to know Christ years before he and Lesa first tapped on our door.

Talk about the circle of life. Eternal life, that is.

And the story continues…

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