Since contracting this virus last Monday, November 3, I’ve missed:

  • having lunch with Betty, a second “mom” to me
  • enjoying tea with Teresa
  • working in my yard during prime transplanting season
  • attending a family baby shower
  • visiting my grandmother in the nursing home
  • Sunday worship/Bible class
  • seeing Brian play at the Peace Center
  • the last Monday night Bible study for the Fall session (Teresa did a GREAT job filling in for me – thank you sweet friend!)
  • having lunch with Desi (Megan’s awesome mom), Vicki (Desi’s best friend – she’s a hoot!), and “Oma” (Megan’s sweet grandmother)
  • worst of all? the human touch (but the 6′ barrier has kept my hubster from catching it!)

Umm, I think I’ll find another place to serve– besides the nursery– in the future.

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