I came across this last week.

At one time (early ’70’s), this was the Key Pines Apt. brochure. As you can see, I began honing my list-making skills at the tender age of 10, when my mom and I began preparing for apartment life.

Here are some of the, shall we say, more memorable moments during our 5-6 years at Key Pines:

  • finding a glass eye at the bottom of the pool and then searching for its one-eyed owner
  • getting my first pet, Tiffany, a pekingese pup
  • enjoying the look and feel of the orange-brownish shag carpet (not!)
  • having the family, along with Tiffany, almost die of carbon monoxide poisoning when my Mom’s boyfriend decided to move the charcoal grill inside during a rainstorm. He wasn’t the brightest bulb on the shelf.
  • playing tennis like a mad-woman. Because I was an “only”, I ended up playing most games with adults. A great learning experience!
  • against my mom’s better judgment, I bought my first KISS album, black light and beads all in one week.
  • I got kissed for the first time. Oh yeah, this was supposed to be the most memorable moments of my apartment life. Never mind.

And by the way, it wasn’t until many years later when I realized mom’s dresser wasn’t named “Chester.”

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