Two things came to pass on Saturday… at last!

  • My hubby came home from a two-week trip to France/Spain. It seemed more like four. 🙂 He had stories and chocolate to share. I enjoyed both. He also picked up beautiful vintage robin’s egg blue tins and enamelware at the flea market in Clairemont, as well as flower-pressed papers for my stamping from Richard de Bas, founded in 1326. It’s so nice having him home… at last.
  • While nodding off Saturday night, one moment captured on Channel 7 awakened me quickly and kept me awake until 11:00. There, on the screen, were Dave and Kim Rhodes holding a sweet little Haitian boy, their little boy, lovingly known as Frankie. They expected the adoption process to last another year, but God had other plans. Read the full story here. Frankie is home… at last. 
Thank You, Lord.

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