Today I’m especially grateful for: my time with Zach and Sarah

More specifically…

  • One thing I’m especially grateful to the Lord for is: desiring a relationship with a sinner like me
  • I’m grateful for Brian’s: sense of humor (goodness knows he needs one around here!)
  • I’m grateful for Brandon’s: attention to details (one never need worry about the doors being locked at night when he’s around! He’s very thorough in all he does – which is just one of many reasons he makes such a great worship leader)
  • I’m grateful for Megan’s: love for the unlovely (I knew she was a keeper when I heard she worked at a nursing home during her high school years — and now that love continues through her work with children at the hospital)
  • I’m grateful for Zach’s: people skills (he has a way of putting people at ease, making them feel cared about. He can also pump up his team when it comes to Ultimate at NGU, as attested to in Sarah’s recent blog post)
  • I’m grateful for Sarah’s: adaptability (she is a go-with-the-flow kind of girl which is just one of many reasons she’s a pure joy to be around)
  • I’m grateful for my parent’s: decision not to speak ill of the other to me when they divorced. That was probably the best gift they gave to me as a couple… other than my birth! 🙂
  • I’m grateful for grandparent’s: pure-t unconditional love for me. Nothing else on earth quite compares.
  • I’m grateful for my friends: who tell it like it is — not necessarily what I want to hear. That’s true friendship. Steer me clear of “yes people”

Random things I’m thankful for: Sunshine, music, weather above 32 degrees, my favorite blue snowman mug, vanilla latte’s with whip cream, Amazon, my old house, Brian playing trumpet again, his Christmas gift – a trumpet mute, my warm scarf and gloves, being able to stay at home, Rupert’s groomer, the soon-to-be aroma of a balsam fir Christmas tree in the house

Why I’m grateful to be an American: freedom, beauty, godly founders

Things I often take for granted: being an American, the sacrifice required from our military and their families, my next breath

How I express gratitude: “Thank you’s”, hand-written notes, little gifts, and by making butterscotch haystacks (if I’m especially grateful)

The last time I “stopped to smell the roses”: Yesterday. Literally! I cut and sniffed my last roses before the big freeze- taken from a cutting from my grandmother’s rose bush.

One simple thing in life I’ve enjoyed this week: Riding in my car while singing along to my favorite tunes

“Negative” situations God revealed as “positive” this year: (1) Brandon and Megan moving away – while we miss them MUCH, it’s obvious their departure is a very positive move in the big scheme of things, eternally speaking. Yea, God! We are very grateful for the ways God is using them in Ohio (2) Leaving a church we loved – we, along with others, have been scattered throughout the community to serve in places we would have never served otherwise, meeting people we would have never met otherwise; our departure was also a catalyst for the community Bible class coming together to learn the Word and to enjoy true community. What a blessing it is!!!

What I have SEEN this week that I’m grateful for: a $2.00 tag on a J Jill sweater!

What I have SMELLED this week that I’m grateful for: my morning cup of coffee

What I have HEARD this week that I’m grateful for: lots of laughter

What I have TASTED this week that I’m grateful for: it’s not what I have tasted, but I will be tasting tomorrow and again on Sunday – a family Thanksgiving meal!

I’m also grateful for YOU. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read this post. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever.”
Psalm 100:4,5

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