… but not with envy!

Make no mistake about it, the imagery in this movie is absolutely mind blowing. It is truly a feast for the eyes. The colors, the creatures, the attention to every detail. It was unlike any movie I’d ever seen.

Having said that, I had two issues with the film:

  1. Just as in most movies, it included language that I’d rather not pay to hear. Call me what you will, but I feel every penny we have is a result of God’s blessings and to spend His money to hear His name taken in vain is sickening to me. I don’t ever want to become desensitized to it.
  2. Hey, I’m all for recycling and for being a responsible caretaker of our environment, but the undercurrent of green influence running throughout the film (especially the end) was a bit over the top in my opinion. I’m hoping Brian will blog about this in greater detail later this week.

So, how could someone sit through a GREEN movie and not recycle their 3-D glasses afterwards? Ask Brian. 🙂

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