Imagine my surprise when I came home from a prayer journaling night with the girls to find the original french doors to this circa 1911 home… back where they belong. They had been stored away in our attic ever since we moved in over five years ago because much of its glass was missing after the fire damage.

Every time Brian and I’ve gone in the attic we’ve commented how nice it would be to one day return the doors back to their original glory. As you can see, while they are far from it at this point, better days are coming! We had no idea just how cool the glass pattern would be until now — we love it!

No doubt about it — I’ve got the best hubster around! Who else would brave the 90+ degree temps in our dusty attic to pull these out, dust them off, and hang them up — all to surprise me. 🙂 (While his soccer games were awaiting!)

With some “new” glass (actually, old bubble glass) and a couple of coats of white paint, these doors will look right at home. Welcome back!

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