Today’s “mix” includes lots of laughter as it focuses on our family vacation in the NC mountains. We knew we were in for a treat when my dad called ahead to tell us to be sure to “gun the gas” when we approach the driveway because of the steep grade. Boy, was he right! But it was worth the extra gas required. The view was truly spectacular, as you’ll see below.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Our “cabin” set atop a mountain surrounded by 25 acres – totally secluded.

A cool loft!

An early morning view from the back porch.

A family game of badminton

Check out Sarah’ s view from the hammock!

On Sunday morning, while Brian and Zach were biking the Bakery route, Sarah and I explored a nearby hiking trail. We took pictures because we didn’t think the guys would believe us.

Brian and Rupert on the back swing one morning.

My dad “whittling” a walking stick and Sarah attempting to read – something virtually impossible to accomplish with us on the porch!

A “specialty” bug, as we like to call them.

Brandon and Megan were able to ride up Sunday afternoon after church. We were delighted to hear they had a good send off from Steve & CrossRoads. I wouldn’t have expected any less and we, as parents, truly appreciated it.

One thing we didn’t lack during vacation was food. Have mercy. Dad whipped up homemade French toast (YUMMY!) and Zach and Sarah cooked an AMAZING Italian meal complete with Italian soda and classical music in the background.

At night, we played lots of “Set-Back”, a card game that our family has enjoyed since I can remember. We also enjoyed a game of Cranium. Seeing Brian act out such things as the word “bloom” never grows old. The cabin was full of laughter every night.

As Brian and I made our way down the long and steep driveway Wednesday morning, I thanked God for our family and our days in the mountains together. They will, no doubt, linger in my memory for years to come as one of our most special times together. More tomorrow.

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