Remember my serendipitous moment while watching the show “Hoarders” back in January? The counselor told the hoarder, who was insisting on keeping furniture simply because it had been passed down through the generations (to the chagrin of his family), that he was allowing his “past” family to negatively influence his current family. Immediately, I thought of our dining table, which I remember sitting at as a little girl, with my great-grandmother. It’s beautiful, and holds wonderful memories, but with such limited dining space in our home, it was practically neglected due to its formality.

Three “opportunities” came about this week as a result of that serendipitous moment months ago:

1. A dear friend of mine purchased the table. Within her own family, she was sadly passed over when it came to sharing her grandparents furniture. As a matter of fact, she didn’t inherit one piece of furniture from her family. Now she feels she has inherited something special and is totally delighted. She has also offered to sell it back to us if we (or the boys) ever decide we want it again.

2. Another friend shared with me last week how she couldn’t bear to sell her parent’s home (which has been sitting empty for years since their passing) because it was “their legacy” left behind for her. Thankfully, due to my own journey since January, I was able to share with full confidence that “stuff” is not a legacy we leave behind for our children. If our loved ones were able to speak to us from heaven they would urge us not to give “stuff” another thought. They could care less where their furniture ends up!

3. We now have a “new” 7′ farmhouse table for our family to enjoy! We’re hoping to find a bench or pew for one side and chairs for the other. It seats 8+ and will be perfect for games and lots of future family meals together. We’ll also be painting the room so lots of exciting things are going on in the Baker house these days. (Poor Brian)

Who would have thought so much could be learned from one sentence shared on a show called “Hoarders”?

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