This morning, our C4 group studied the Passover, found in Exodus 12. In past years, when studying the Passover, we’ve darkened the room and set it up with long white tables, candles, juice, bread, juice, etc.

This year, it was very simple. Our group celebrated with unleavened bread and juice — bookended with Andrew Peterson’s, “Deliver Us” and “Behold the Lamb of God”. The latter took on a deeper meaning for me this time even though I’ve listened to it numerous times. With my grandmother only hours or days (from all indications) away from seeing Jesus face to face, the words “behold the Lamb” reminded me of what she has to look forward to very soon.

As my last surviving grandparent, and a very special one at that, I’m going to miss her terribly. All four of my grandparents have (had) a personal relationship with Christ and I have no doubt that the daily prayers of both grandmothers played a vital role in my journey with Christ today.

I would appreciate your prayers for my grandmother, Alberta, in the coming days. I’m obviously praying that she will not suffer in her final moments, but will be ushered quietly in to her Passover Lamb’s arms.

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