I recently entered the vault — the Lesson Vault that is, designed specifically for Bible teachers by Josh Hunt. The cost of admission? $3.99 per month (the cost of a grande vanilla latte with whip cream. Trust me, I know.)

When I stumbled upon this Web site several weeks ago, it came as no surprise that Josh Hunt was behind the idea. He has written two books, “Double Your Class In Two Years or Less” and “The Disciple-Making Teacher” that have fueled my flame for teaching over the years. In each of them, he shares practical suggestions for growing the class, both spiritually and numerically.

Specific things I appreciate most about the Lesson Vault:

  • First and foremost, I appreciate Josh Hunt’s desire to minister to the heart of teachers. Do you hear a faint “rah-rah-rah!” in the background? That’s the sound of Josh cheering you on as you teach and minister to others.
  • It provides extremely helpful questions for class time. They’re broken down into three simple categories: Accountability, Open and Dig. Remember the recent quote I shared by John Milton Gregory? “The true function of the teacher is to create the most favorable conditions for self-learning… True teaching is not that which gives knowledge, but that which stimulates people to gain it. One might say that he teaches best who teaches least.” Good questions lay the groundwork for favorable conditions.
  • It is not static. Josh is continually updating and improving the information/site. His most recent improvement involves adding creative elements to each of the lessons because he understands the importance of visual aids. Studies show that most people have the potential for remembering only up to 10% of what they hear. If seeing or hearing is added, the potential climbs to 50%.
  • The e-newsletter, which includes additional tips and ideas.

So, why blog about these resources? Maybe Dr. Howard Hendricks puts it best: When searching for good teachers, he always looks for FAT people — those who are Faithful, Available, and Teachable. I desire a teachable spirit — first through prayer, the Word and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, through other wise and discerning teachers. This type of learning can obviously be accomplished in many ways and I’ve found Josh Hunt’s resources to be one of those ways for me.

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