While prepping for yesterday’s lesson, a couple continually came to mind. I finally got the “hint” and invited Bo and Jeannie to come to the class and share their testimony. And what a testimony. They lost their 18 year-old son, Andrew, last February when he was hit by a car while running.

Initially, the “organized” part of me (yes, Brian, it exists! ha…) wanted to suggest we stick to a particular time frame in order to have enough time to finish the lesson. Thankfully, the “teacher” part of me overrode that type of temporal thinking real quick. I encouraged them to share whatever the Lord laid on their hearts — we had the time. And we did.

The wisdom that flowed from their mouths left most of us speechless. Two things Jeannie said especially stuck in my mind:

  • She CHOSE joy. Chose it. Philippians 4:4 had never seemed so real to me as it did in that moment.
  • She doesn’t allow herself to remain down when their are periods of sadness because she knows it could become an open invitation for the enemy to get a toehold into her emotions.

Bo shared from Psalm 39, “… Show me, O LORD, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know fleeting is my life.” They trust God’s bigger plans and purposes for their lives as well as the plan God had for Andrew.

This couple personifies active faith and it’s an honor to call them friends.

I had plans for yesterday’s class. God had BIGGER and oh-so-much better plans… as always.

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