With the capital “B” being Brian!

Here’s why I’m so incredibly proud & thankful for my one-of-a-kind hubster today:

  • he’s taken good care of me while sick this week
  • he spent his entire Saturday working on the paver project in the yard (I didn’t even ask him to do so – now that’s love!)
  • he’s choosing to use his gig money to pay for the project (believe me, he could be spending it on plenty of things other than pavers and sand)
  • his band is playing at the Peace Center this afternoon, opening for Doyle Lawson (their biggest gig to date!)

Thanks to those who prayed for Brian this week. It truly is a “God thing” that he didn’t catch my virus. And as a result, he’ll be singing tenor this afternoon & having a blast with a capital “B”!

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