Because I appreciate those who take the time to read my crazy thoughts so much, I’d like to offer you a couple of freebies from my garden!

This morning I’m cleaning out a few flower beds. I have one “bunch” (about 5-10) of siberian iris and a couple of “fans” of my grandmother’s old-timey bearded iris up for grabs.

The siberian iris are not the bearded-type but the slender type that I blogged about last week under “History”. Karen Trone and I removed them from an elderly woman’s home a couple years ago. They multiply quickly so one bunch will be two or three by next year.

My grandmother’s iris are BEAUTIFUL. They are two-toned purple bearded iris. They also multiply quickly.

Both have bloomed for the year. Both need full sun to bloom. They are very low maintenance.

All I ask is that you enjoy them and do not resale them. Interested? Be the FIRST to email me at I can meet you somewhere in Simpsonville on Thursday or Friday.

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