This Sunday, my hubster is going to play bass in the praise band at 1st Baptist. He’s missed playing over the years, and I have to tell you — I can’t wait to see him using his God-given talents again! He went to practice last night and it was exciting to hear him share about the different people and their heart for ministry. He loves the songs they’re playing and I think I’m humming them in my sleep (he plays them over and over for practice!)

On a different note (no pun intended)… my sweet neighbor, Mrs. Barnette, shared a few treasures with me from her garage today. She has stored things in there for years so it was interesting to see what emerged from the darkness. The main find was a small round table with two chairs that were originally used in the old Simpsonville Drug Store located in downtown Simpsonville many, many years ago. I was psyched (and still am!) She also gave me an enamel bucket and a few old jars.

Life is good.

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