On Tuesday night, Brian and I had the pleasure of going to Southside Christian School’s presentation of “The Music Man”. We wouldn’t have missed it! Yes, it was a great musical, but what made it so special for us was the lead actress, Emily Silvey, and her sister, Taylor, who also had speaking and singing parts in it. They had practiced faithfully for weeks and all their hard work came to fruition this week. We were “WOWED” to say the least.

Of course, Brian and I have been “WOWED” by the Silvey family since first coming to know them earlier this year when they took a giant leap of faith by following us to begin a new group.

When Emily joined them soon afterwards, it didn’t take long to recognize that this was a young woman whose heart was truly after His. And her voice? Simply beautiful. Taylor has also attended the group and it’s been a pure joy getting to know her better. Her quick smile and warm heart make that both easy and enjoyable. We love the Silveys!

Tuesday night also represented the only evening that Brian was home this past week/weekend. Being an “only” I’m usually not very needy in terms of having to have him home every night — but with things so hectic right now, I must admit that I look forward to having one evening with no place to go but home. I think that will be Monday. 🙂

Wedding plans are coming along nicely!

We have much to be thankful for… and we are. 🙂 I hope to catch up with you again real soon!

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