I love a bargain and Brian loves old albums so we joined forces this morning and decided to hit a few local yard sales.

Our first and only “successful” sale was discovered in Wagon Creek Subdivision.

12 pairs of brand name shoes (Clark, Anne Klein, Nine West, Liz (shoes & 2 new pairs of boots), etc. All in new or almost new condition – and in my size. $.50 a pair! Total? 6.00 for 12 pairs of shoes. (Cha-Ching!)

While desperately trying to escape my frantic shoe find, Brian came across an original Lava lamp box, but no lamp. His future plans for a “dream” music room has always included a Lava Lamp. (Hmm….we have a circa 1911 home… and a Lava lamp. Go figure.) When he mentioned this to one of the teen girls, she ran inside and brought the lamp out for him to purchase… for a whopping $2.00. At this very moment, it is globbing (I mean glowing) in our den. Brian assures me it won’t be staying there. One can only hope – although I have to admit it’s pretty cool.

After our brief excursions in Simpsonville we headed to Piedmont, where Brian dropped me off at THE most awesome craft/hobby/rubber stamp shop in SC – Stamps & More at Eleanor, on his way to pick up his bass from a repair shop in Easley. Due to a successful gig last night, he even treated me to a little “fun money” to enjoy during my time there. With it, I was able to purchase a paper cutter, a few more embossing folders for the Cuttlebug, linen paper and a stamp — which I put to good use this afternoon:

If you enjoy stamping, you seriously need to check out Eleanor’s. She is amazing! I’m planning to take a few classes in the near future.

There’s only one way to sum up this kind of day: CHA-CHING!

(Thank You, Lord!)

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