I confess.

I was one of those people Steve mentioned this morning – the kind that cringed when hearing the word “money” at church. I always figured the pastor asked for money so he could slip off to enjoy a Caribbean cruise or give himself a hefty raise (not that they don’t deserve either!) Not pretty I know, but honest.

Now for the flip-side. As a part-time staffer at CRCC, I have the opportunity to hear our pastors/leaders take on giving for myself in staff and design meetings. And what I hear is so vastly different from the misconstrued views I held years ago. So, what am I hearing these days? I hear Steve, Rich, Brian and others getting stoked about the potential to:

  • minister to more felt needs within our church and our community
  • become more creative and generous in the ways we reach our community for Christ
  • provide more resources for guys like Ken Fitch who led our service several weeks ago — and other well deserving missions opportunities

And so much more. Now I see first-hand why giving is on the heart of every pastor who wants to see God’s kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Yeah, I’m pretty much convinced that, if for no other reason, I’m on staff to dispel my many misconceptions about church while growing up. That sounds like something my Pappa God would do.

Hey Steve, planning any Caribbean cruises?

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