Last Monday, after class, Karen (my personal for-my-good-wardrobe-critiquer) and Carolyn (her assistant) quietly pointed out that my new jeans, shall we say, didn’t fit quite right. I believe the lead-in question went something like, “Cathy, have you lost weight?”, which in my book is equivalent to a Southern “bless her heart.”

So, I gathered the receipt, tags, and original bag and headed back to the store. I had purchased them on sale for $33.00 a week ago. After trying on numerous pairs, I finally narrowed it down to two favorites, each on sale for $26.99. I thought I’d let Brian decide which he liked best and return the other one. At the register, they discovered that neither pair was “in the system” so a manager called the floor manager. She turned and asked me if $7.00 a pair would be okay (any item not “in the system” is considered on clearance). I challenged her on the price because they were nowhere near a clearance rack, but she insisted on sticking with the $7.00 price.

Needless to say, I’ll be keeping both pairs of jeans, and thanks to my two awesome friends, I’ll have a little extra moolah to buy a tri-fold mirror.

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