Who would guess that an empty twenty-year old box of Nestle Quik could still evoke a smile with every December glance? Perhaps this post from 2008 will answer the question. The last paragraph is especially meaningful now that we have our sweet granddaughter (and a grandson on the way!) to share it with. 


To most, this is a simple (and bare) Nestle Quik container. To me,
however, this brightly lidded container represents a priceless treasury
trove of memories.

When the boys were little, we created a
Christmas tradition that if they behaved throughout the day, they could
draw one or two slips of paper from the container and we, as a family,
would have to do whatever it said. Good behavior + family activities =
success! I’m not sure what it is with me and slips of paper, but here
were some of the activities they found inside:

  • Ride through Fountain Inn and look at the lights
  • Work on the Christmas puzzle (we tried to complete one a season – I think we need to reintroduce this one!)
  • Rent a Christmas movie or watch one of ours. Make some popcorn and cocoa. Change seats during commercials.
  • Family Instrument Night! (Can anyone say ear plugs?)
  • Sleep on couch bed (this folded out in our den where they could fall asleep watching Christmas movies)
  • Turn off all the lights in the house except for the tree lights and watch the classic “Santa Claus” together as a family.
  • Make up your own version of the “12 Days” and share it with everyone.
  • Each
    family member does an acrostic for the word “Christmas”. Time limit:
    10 minutes. Share it with the group and then display them in the house.
  • Pray for all those who have sent us Christmas cards.
  • Make a pallet for sleeping under the Christmas tree, turn on the tree lights and turn off all others. (The boys loved this!)
  • Choose your favorite Christmas CD to play. TV off!

and I enjoyed creating traditions for the boys while they were growing
up. We felt it gave them a sense of security and stability — something I
could never offer them during their very early years when I had no
relationship with Jesus.

We had a lot of fun, great memories were
made, and one day (in the future!) I hope to pull out the Quik canister
again. Can anyone say grandchildren? 🙂 

What’s one of your favorite family traditions — past or present? 


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