Lake Lure!

We had such a great time with the extended family last Spring, we decided to head back to Lake Lure for a weekend getaway in September.

Although we searched for a place in the Rumbling Bald Resort, there was only one golf villa available that was pet-friendly. It was carpeted and seemed a bit dark. So the search continued. Then I came upon this home and it was love at first sight (okay, maybe twentieth sight…I looked at a lot of places!).

For $25.00 more, we were able to snag this 2600 square foot house with lots-o-light, hardwood floors, and a pool table in the basement area. While it’s not on the lake, it has beautiful views of Chimney Rock and other surrounding mountains. And it’s only a mile from the downtown area so it will be fun to explore a different side of the lake.

At first, we were a bit bummed by the fact we wouldn’t be on the lake, but Brian and Zach will probably play a round of golf (the owner has resort passes we can use) and we’ll stay busy throughout the day. We also hope to take the official afternoon/evening cruise around the lake, so we should get our fill. 🙂

We’re also hoping to give kayaking another try! For everyone else, it was pure pleasure — for me, the first 30 minutes was a “lion” straight from Mark Batterson’s pit. But the final minutes were fun and relaxing. I believe the lion may have been tamed!

Apparently, since our last visit, the resort has also added stand up boards, better known as SUP’s. We saw them in action while at the beach — they look like a lot of fun and a good way to become well acquainted with the water.

Hopefully, by the end of September, the weather will be cooler, the breezes more brisk, and the weekend will seem more like a week. 🙂

Destination: Ahhhhh…..

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