I found this idea on Sarah’s blog, who found it on Courtney and Kim’s blogs, who found it on Ginger’s, Debra’s and Jamie’s blog. It was a little scary, especially for this introvert, but definitely therapeutic. Thanks girls!

i am: intentional
i think: I was standing in the wrong line when the Lord was doling out adventurous spirits
i know: I am loved by my Father, my husband and family
i want: my kids and the generations to follow to love Christ with all of their heart.
i have: more than I could have ever dreamed possible
i wish: that the Church could see itself as one incredibly powerful team
i hate: to see children suffering
i hear: rain falling on my window pane
i feel: like a poet; at peace; content with my present circumstances
i miss: my grandmother
i fear: my life not making an impact for the Kingdom
i smell: Starbucks Pike Place roast…and a wet dog
i crave: quiet time
i search: for truth – nothing more, nothing less
i wonder: why God created mosquitoes
i regret: Brian and I not being able to have children together
i love: my hubby; my family; cool breezes on my back porch; simplicity
i ache: over missed opportunities
i care: how others feel, sometimes too much
i always: schedule my days the night before
i am not: easily persuaded when I feel strongly about something
i believe: the cycle of divorce will end with me (thank you, Lord)
i dance: to 70’s music like there’s no tomorrow
i sing: loudly in my car
i cry: easily when I think of my grandmother or when I’m misunderstood
i don’t always: appreciate my blessings
i fight/wrestle: with myself over fears (traveling)
i write: because it unlocks a part of me that would not be shared otherwise
i win: when I see my family happy
i lose: when I put myself before others
i never: say never
i confuse: perceptions and reality when it comes to my self-image
i listen: pretty well. What was the question?
i can usually be found: trying to improve something
i am scared: of too much
i need: a personal chef
i am happy about: life in general

Now it’s your turn….

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