I am thoroughly enjoying my daily devotional in Beth Moore’s Personal Reflection Series, “John… 90 Days with the Beloved Disciple”.

Here’s a brief excerpt from today’s devotion. It was too good to keep to myself…

“Beloved, listen. Christ’s early followers were adventurers! They were pioneers! If they listened to us sit around and decide whether we had time to work in a Bible study with prison inmates around our nail appointments, they’d be mortified. They were willing to do things we would reason couldn’t possibly be the will of God (i.e., risking our necks) for the sheer joy of what lay before them. They ran the race. They didn’t window shop. We are built for adventure! And often, the only thing keeping us from embarking on one is that it comes disguised as an average day.”

If I were to list the top 10 adjectives to describe myself, I assure you — “adventurous” would not be on it. I don’t lose a minute of sleep wondering why I don’t have it within me to scale a mountain, sky dive from an airplane, or go cave diving. However, a sleep stealer for me would include the realization that I’ve become too comfortable — too safe — in my walk with Christ.

Beth closes out the study by asking: What kind of adventure with Christ might be awaiting us before sundown tomorrow if we’re looking for it?

Immediately, a ginormous (at least for me) spiritual “adventure” came to mind — one I’ve been pondering over since New Year’s day (I hope to share it with you soon).

But wait! Could there be smaller, yet no less important, “disguised” adventures awaiting me today? Awaiting you today?

Are we looking for it?

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