Until today, the people I’ve sold to on Craig’s List have gone out of their way to meet me in a public place close to the house. I fly over, exchange goods and moolah, and return home in 5 minutes. That was, until today.

Instead of recycling my gardening magazines I chose to post them on Craig’s List just to see what would happen. I received an email from someone who wanted to buy them so we set up a place close by for us to meet late this afternoon. When I phoned to confirm the details, a gruff older gentleman answered. Instead of meeting where we had previously planned he told me to drive over to his and his wife’s place of business. Really?

I grumbled to myself most of the way there. OK, all the way there. I’m just selling gardening magazines for goodness sakes – why should I waste my gas driving over to meet him?

When I entered the place of business, I found his wife at the desk with a big smile and him on the phone chewing someone out. All of a sudden, “gruff” didn’t sound so bad. Five minutes later, he hung up the phone and proceeded to explain why he was chewing the person out. On the outside, I’m smiling. On the inside? My appreciation for recycling is growing by leaps and bounds!

As he began thumbing through the magazines, however, a new person emerged. His eyes lit up and a smile came over his face as we exchanged tips and our latest gardening finds. Before I knew it, I was scrolling through his cell phone checking out all his favorite flowers.

Thirty minutes later, as I turned to tell him goodbye, his face was still beaming with a big smile. He yelled out for me to come back and talk gardening with them again soon. It wasn’t until I arrived home and glanced at my study book that I remembered the first day’s study. The title? “Your Interruption: God’s Intervention”.

Would I have initially considered this exchange an interruption? (Does Michael Phelps swim?) YES! Did it turn out to be a divine intervention? Only God knows!

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