• Where you were when you heard the first reports of a possible airplane hitting the Twin Towers?
  • The puzzled and troubled faces of the anchor men and women as they tried to figure out how a commercial airlines pilot could possibly hit the tower on such a beautiful clear day?
  • Seeing the black puff of smoke first emerging from the north tower?
  • Hearing reports of a second plane hitting the south tower?
  • The first realization that we were under attack in our own country?
  • The thoughts racing through your mind?
  • The firemen traveling as fast as possible through the city streets of NY? Little did they know at the time that 343 of them would not return home that day.
  • People running out of the building?
  • People leaping to their death?
  • The scene of the the south tower collapsing to rubble?
  • Coming to the realization that thousands of innocent lives were crumbling as well?
  • The scene of the north tower following its sister tower? And again, the loss of lives involved?
  • The first report out of Washington that a plane had hit the Pentagon?
  • The reports that there could be other hijacked planes in our skies?
  • The report that a plane, believed to be headed towards DC, Flight Number 93, had crashed in PA?
  • People frantically searching for their loved ones, posting pictures, and begging officials for updates?

Do you remember our enemy? Will you remember on November 4th? The terrorists are dreaming of the day when we have someone in office who doesn’t recognize their level of patience and the depth of hatred towards us.

May we never forget September 11. God bless America and the men and women who are bravely defending our country.

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