After searching through what seemed to be hundreds of places, we FINALLY found what we believe to be the perfect spot to chill out as a family for a few days this summer. Although the beach has been the destination for family trips as long as I can remember, we’re breaking tradition this year (don’t worry kids, we’re not starting a new tradition!) Megan and Brandon will be heading to this beach with her awesome family while Zach and Sarah head here with friends for a few days this summer. Thankfully, they won’t miss their opportunity for fun in the sun!

So, what’s there to do in the mountains during the summer months? During the day, some may choose to go hiking, tubing, biking, golfing or shopping, but at night, we’ll all gather back at the cabin (yes, it has A/C and indoor plumbing). Creative plans are already underway for evening family “events”. Can anyone say “Couple’s Pie Contest?” (Brandon has a serious advantage with Megan on his team. She cooks a mean apple pie! Poor Brian, he doesn’t stand a chance) The fresh blackberries growing around the cabin are sure to come in handy that night! If you have creative family ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Amidst all the activity, baking, and other fun factors, there will no doubt be times to “exhale.” This family is full of readers (and coffee drinkers) so we may be vying for our own place on the porch hammock or rocking chair — which, by the way, is the place where the picture above was taken. Wait a minute. Is that Brian’s heart rate I hear slowing down? Ah, yes.

It is sure to be a memorable mini-vacation regardless of where we stay or how we play. We’re family and it simply doesn’t get any better than that!

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