I’ve been asked by many friends if I’ve purchased a dress for the wedding yet, and up until Saturday, I’d hung my head low and mumbled “No, not yet”. Don’t get me wrong! My slackness is not due to a lack of excitement over the wedding. I have nothing but excitement over the upcoming nuptials. My slackness is solely due to my total disdain for shopping — especially clothes shopping. eek.

But that all changed Saturday morning (at least the dress status — not the disdain for shopping!) Brian and I headed to the mall with one goal in mind: Find the dress! And that we did… finally.

Unfortunately for Brian the dress was found at the last store and cost the most of all the dresses I tried on (at least 15). I balked at the price at first (I never pay full price for clothing when there’s a Ross or TJ Maxx around the corner) but Brian said he would pay anything at that point. ha! What a guy!

It’s teal and sleeveless, which should be interesting in mid-December, but it required no alterations. Sold!


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