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by Cathy Baker

If you’re searching for a new summer read, one need only Google the topic to find a plethora of choices. Today, I share five favorite not-so-ordinary summer lit choices, along with a snippet of why they made the cut.

Michael Card, one of my favorite musicians and diligent student of the Word, is also one of my favorite authors. In the book, Scribbling of the Sand…Christ and Creativity, and its corresponding study guide, Card explores the biblical foundation of true Christian creativity.

Well, if you’re going to write a novel it might as well be brilliant, right? Dee Dee Parker and I sat under Susan May Warren’s teaching at Blue Ridge. It didn’t take long to realize her book, “How to Write a Brilliant Novel” would serve us well in our collaborative work.

Oh my! Talk about a fun read. With Buttercup, my 25th Wedding Anniversary gift (a 1963 Shasta Airflyte!), sitting in our backyard waiting for her maiden voyage we need all the help we can get. I can’t imagine being tutored by a more knowledgeable and amusing group of gals. Sisters on the Fly…Caravans, Campfires, and Tales from the Road by Irene Rawlings is a must read.

My name is Cathy Baker and I’m addicted to magazines. Four summer faves: Writer’s Forum (Brit lit) is slick, bright and informative. Mingle tugs at something God continues to stir in my heart. I can’t put my finger on it yet but I think it has to do with creating writer retreats or simply gathering women around my farm table. Stay tuned! Artful Blogging because I love to blog and Cottage & Bungalows since I love all things whitewashed.

And last but certainly not least, “Covert Justice”, the debut work of Lynn Huggins Blackburn, both a sweet friend and an incredibly talented writer. If you’re in Upstate SC, her book signing will be held this Saturday, June 13th, 11:30-1:30 pm at the Five Forks CrossFit Gym, 2613 Woodruff Rd, Greenville SC. Door prizes every 15 minutes and a portion of the sales goes to Miracle Hill Ministry. It’s a win-win!
So now it’s your turn. What’s one of your favorite summer reads? I’d love to know! 

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