I’ve been looking forward to today, knowing I would spend time with four of my favorite people in the world… five, including Brian, but I figured that was a given. 🙂

  • This morning, I headed to Southside Christian School to see Emily, a young lady in our Sunday C4 class, co-lead worship for the high school chapel. She has an amazing voice and it was a blessing to see her use it for God’s glory, but it was especially meaningful because she lives it. Emily has a tender heart for the Lord and it is pure joy being on this journey with her.
  • After an eye doctor appointment (I like him, but he’s not on my “favorites” list! ha) I met my dad (who is definitely on that list!) for lunch. He is another list-maker so we enjoyed putting our heads together as we worked on the vacation menu. Yes, we are already planning our meals, grocery list, activities, etc. What can I say? He was an Eagle Scout so I guess that makes me an eaglet.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Brian and I are meeting two of our favorite people in the world for dinner, Steve and Angie Prout. We miss not seeing them every Sunday but refuse to allow that to come between us. Steve and Brian meet regularly for lunch and Angie (and Robyn!) are in the Tuesday night Bible study (coming up in June!).

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