The word “Advent” means coming, and as disciples of Jesus, we are preparing our hearts to celebrate His first coming. This Advent calendar will provide a pause during the hectic weekdays of the season to reflect on the beauty of Christ through prayer, celebration, and service to others.

The first day of Advent this year is Sunday, November 28th, but Jesus is to be celebrated every day so if you’re joining us during the month of December, no worries! Hop in and let the preparation of your heart begin.

Also, if you’re unaware of our Facebook Group, Creative Pauses, we’d love to welcome you there as well. It’s a private, active, and free women’s group where we pray, rejoice and cultivate grateful hearts with one another.

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Who says an only child can’t share? I love to help encourage and inspire others through biblical content! Enjoy these free resources as a heartfelt thanks for supporting this *tiny* ministry.


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It’s the perfect season to bless someone through the gift of a plant, tree, or flowers. This free gift for all includes scripture-based gift tags, ready for print. Attach to your gift to add depth to your gift no shovel could dig.


Freebie Gift Tags

Scripture Gardening Gift Tag :: Click HERE to download


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