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One slice of peanut butter toast and a cup of hot coffee have greeted me most mornings for the past few years—a vast improvement, health-wise, over the waffles drenched in syrup I once enjoyed. 

Recently, my path crossed and divinely merged with Patti Jo, a friend and sister in Christ, who’s spent years learning what it means to care for her body in a way that glorifies God. I left her home that day excited to put her wisdom in action — beginning with a small, but perhaps significant, change — switching from peanut butter to raw organic almond butter (with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top!)
  • Almond butter contains no trans fat and is very low in saturated fat. The
    majority of the fat in almond butter is monounsaturated fat, a
    heart-healthy form that can actually help lower cholesterol.
  • Almond butter is an excellent source of protein, and actually has more protein than peanut butter.
  • Raw almond butter, which is produced without heating or blanching the
    almonds, is rich in several essential minerals. Primary among these are
    copper, magnesium, manganese and riboflavin.
And cinnamon? It’s a powerful antioxidant. Sprinkle away!
If you enjoy a particular healthy breakfast option, please share. 

To God be the glory…

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