While strolling down the ice cream aisle for my FAVORITE treat these days… Skinny Cow’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, I saw one of my absolute FAVORITE people… Kay Chandler.

When we moved to Simpsonville almost 20 years ago, I searched the local paper for a Bible study in our community. Zach was heading to first grade so I would have time in the morning for a study. There, tucked away in our local paper, was an ad for a Precept class being taught at Standing Springs Baptist Church. Little did I know just how much my life was about to change when I walked in the door that first Wednesday morning.

Never had I heard the Word of God taught with such power and authority. Kay was (and is) the real deal and her relationship with Christ was nothing short of inspiring. Her desire to know Him more deeply and to know His Word was simply infectious… and God used Kay and this infectious desire she possessed (and still does!) to light a fire within me to teach the Word.

We stood in the aisle for almost an hour catching up on our families and sharing what God is currently doing in our lives. She still teaches Precept at Standing Springs, and Lord willing, I’m planning to take a course with her this Fall. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years (the hard way) is that we, as teachers, cannot feed others if we are not being fed ourselves. We’re to be more like a stream, and not a stagnant pool.

I thanked God for Kay on the way home this morning. Only in heaven will she realize the many lives she has impacted through her teaching in God’s Word — no fluff, all substance. Refreshing!

My FAVORITE treat…one of my FAVORITE friends… and my FAVORITE weather (70’s!). What more could a girl ask for?

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