Top Three Reasons to AVOID Walmart when you have a headache:

1. You WILL inevitably end up with the bumpiest, loudest, and loosest buggy known to mankind — no matter how many different ones you try before launching off into Wallyworld.

2. Someone needs to check the decibel level on the announcement speaker. (Did you say something?) Have mercy, it’s painful.

3. I rarely go there on Fridays due to the crowd. I wish I had remembered that little tidbit of information this morning.

And did I mention the sales girl who stood at her check-out stand continuously thumping a hard plastic ball on the counter? It was so obnoxious I turned around twice in disbelief. She finally stopped to ask me if it was obnoxious. Guess my answer.

On a much lighter (and brighter!) note…

I met two dear friends, Allison and Sue, for lunch today at Napoli’s (a new Greek restaurant near 5 Forks). I had not seen Sue since our departure from CRCC so it was a wonderful reunion! We all vowed to never let that much time come between us again. I forgot to take my camera but I won’t soon forget their smiling faces. I miss Sue SO much (thankfully I see Allison on Tuesday nights!).

If you’re looking for a great family-style lunch/dinner, Napoli’s is the place to go. Allison and Sue ordered a small pizza (each enough for two people) and I ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Casserole. Needless to say, we’ll all be enjoying yummy leftovers tonight.

Time with friends + incredibly beautiful weather + yummy leftovers… life is good.

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