Imagine my surprise today when I looked up from running to see a familiar face peeking around the corner at the gym. In the few seconds required for the fuzziness to become familiar, I thought it was someone searching for an empty treadmill, but to my delight, it was in fact, my best friend Teresa doing the peeking!

She was in the area and had decided to stop by and give our location a try instead of making her normal trek to Five Forks. I’m sure our smaller facility must have seemed like the slums compared to the state-of-the-art facility, but if it did, she didn’t seem to care.

As the calories melted off our hips at a ridiculous pace (experts say visualizing is half the battle!), we caught up on all the latest happenings in our lives. Our hubby’s gigs, school updates, a new house and pup…and such. Teresa and I knew when we began attending different churches that we would have to become more intentional in holding fast to our times together, but I doubt we ever imagined sweating while doing so.

The gym, Coach House, our homes. The where has never really mattered. It’s always been more about the why. And the why is clear. We’re best friends regardless of where we worship, how quickly our children grow up, or how crowded our schedules become.

And that comes as no surprise, my friend.

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