We had a GREAT afternoon/evening on Wednesday. Brian took off work a little early so we took full advantage of our time together in the downtown area.

These two pictures were taken from inside Spill the Beans.
What a view!

Here’s Brian’s group Last Road Bluegrass in action. There was an awesome crowd and they could not have asked for a more beautiful evening to “pick & grin” .

Benji’s daughter, Abbey Grace, co-wrote a song and sang it with him on stage. Needless to say, she brought the house down!

Our friend, Kevin, celebrated his big 4-0 birthday with us!
Their family, along with the Bretts and Moores, attend our Sunday group so it was extra special having them there.

I’m proud of the hubster and I’m delighted he’s able to be a part of such a talented group.

It was fun evening, indeed. 🙂

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