Our family loves games – especially word games (although game night is never the same without Brandon and Megan. We miss you!) Granted, I stand no chance of winning against the threesome (Brian, Sarah and Zach) but I enjoy the challenge.

Currently, our favorite game is Boggle. Steve and Angie introduced it to us several weeks ago and since then, we’ve found an online version which allows the four of us to play on the same team but in various locations. Brian and I can be playing the game on our laptops in the den, Zach on his upstairs and Sarah from her home — and the cool part? We’re all playing the same game at the same time and on the same team.

Ready to give the game a try (it’s free!)? Go to www.wordsplay.net. It takes less than a minute to register and then you’re ready to go! We use the 4 x 4 board.

We’ve had trouble finding the actual game in a local store but we plan to purchase it when we do. Until then, we’ll break out the laptops!

Ah, the games people play.

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