Brian and I had the chance to see Kayla in action during her soccer game tonight. She played very well but we were especially proud of the star she earned for good sportsmanship (rewards given out by Upward after each game.) Go Kayla!

I remember keeping Kayla when she was in the pre-school class at our former church. If the other children had any snacks left on their plate (and I do mean any), Kayla wanted them! It was funny at the time, but now I see how all those graham cracker cookies have paid off in building her spectacular muscles! Actually, “K” has possessed great athletic ability from the beginning. She is her mother’s daughter no doubt!

It continues to be a joy watching all of Teresa’s girls (Steph, Christi, Kayla and Rach) grow into the beautiful young women they were created to be. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of them and the unique way God will use them for His Kingdom!

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