Saturday began early for the Bakers… but for a very good reason! Zach participated in the half-marathon in downtown Greenville.

He’s trained well over the past few months for an upcoming marathon in Atlanta and it showed. The drizzling rain kept things nice and cool — at least for the runners.

As soon as the running crowd (appx 2100) headed down the street, Sarah, Brian and myself took off to Starbucks and finished just in time to see Zach come through Falls Park. A little while later, we drove over to Cleveland Street and stood by to get another glimpse (and to cheer him on, of course!)

Brian, however, decided to take his “cheering on” to the next level when he recalled having the Olympics theme song on his phone. He walked up ahead of Sarah and I (we texted and told him he looked like a stalker – ha!), got himself in position, and when Zach crested the hill, he discovered Brian running alongside him with his phone near his ear. Oh yes, it was a sight to behold. The funny part? Zach didn’t even hear the music because he was listening to his Ipod! ha! But Zach seemed to appreciate the support nonetheless.

I tried to time the picture when Zach was running by. Apparently, my timing was off. 🙂

It was a rainy but very good day! Go, Zach!

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