Today, let’s take a look at what God’s calling is not, based on this book that I continue to read and thoroughly enjoy. Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at what His calling is.

What is not: a list of things God wants us to get done.

Ouch! For those of who thrive on checking off our “to-do” lists (you know who you are as you run to find a pen & paper to jot this down) this realization may come as no surprise, but it stings nonetheless. Although checking off lists may not be our calling, Dan B. Allender, PhD, points out that it is “helpful to break down complex goals into bite-size tasks that, taken together, add up to a realized objective.” When asked how to write a book, he replied, “Writing a book is an impossible task, but it is not that difficult to write twelve chapters.”

Dr. Allender goes on to share how “the person who has not learned the skill of segmenting his or her life goals and tasks is at a severe disadvantage, because everything will look too big to do.” I segment my days and weeks pretty well, but fail miserably when it comes to skillfully segmenting my life goals. Needless to say, that particular sentence was underlined and highlighted in my book.

So, while creating to-do lists is a necessary skill in life (whew!), it is not what God calls us to do.

Check back tomorrow for excerpts on what Dr. Allender believes God is calling us to do as Christ-followers.

Closing disclaimer: When I point you to any other author besides the Word of God (John 1:1-2) for insight or advice, I encourage you, as I do myself, to always measure their words up with the Word of God. I respect many authors, pastors, and teachers, but my respect never supersedes my prayer for discernment.

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