This morning’s “Stamping Fundamentals” class at Eleanor’s was just that. The basics.

Even though I’ve stamped off and on for years, I’ve always felt I could benefit from this type of class as there were tricks and techniques I had missed along the way on this self-taught journey of mine. I was right! Not only were known techniques “refreshed”, but I also learned basic things I should have known for years.

The same holds true for my faith journey. I’ve recently sensed the Lord inviting me to step back and reacquaint myself with a few fundamentals-of-the-faith that, while currently being practiced in my life, are in desperate need of refreshing.

If only the reacquaintment process was as easy as showing up for a Saturday morning class and paying the instructor $10.00. There’s nothing easy about it, but I refuse to settle for fumes of a past faith. Forget the notion of being “rekindled” – I want to be set ablaze by the power of the Holy Spirit!

So, it’s back to the basics for me.

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