It’s a constant battle for me. How about you?

Every day we’re inundated with thoughts, ideas, opportunities and responsibilities. So, how do you determine what goes where on your priority list? Or should I say who determines what goes where on your priority list?

This past weekend, it was Zach who made that decision for me and I’m glad he did. Due to a wedding in Greenville, some of his old college roommates were back in town. He had invited one of his best friends, along with his new wife, to stay with us over the weekend a week prior to the event. (Zach approaches these types of situations much better than myself, which delights me as a mom, but convicts me as Christ follower.) When I hear the two words, “staying over”, my mind immediately goes in to overdrive. What needs to be cleaned? purged? purchased? cooked? weeded? mowed? (No, my middle name is not Martha)

However, those questions quickly faded when Zach shared Tuesday night that he was almost certain his friends had decided to stay with a family closer to the church. Within minutes, the time I had previously set aside to use for cleaning, purging, shopping, cooking, and weeding was now filled with other “good” things.

Then came Thursday morning. I received the call from Zach saying his friends had decided to stay with us after all, and they would be arriving the next night. Overdrive! All the “good” things that now filled my calendar (visiting family, studying, writing, etc.) was quickly set aside for the “best”, which was an opportunity to welcome a sweet young couple to a home that God had provided for us… and for them.

Although Zach was the obvious catalyst for determining my priorities this past weekend, God’s fingerprints were evident, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want His fingerprints smudged and smeared all over my time, energy, and especially those decisions that go in to using both wisely.

I thank God for opening the door of opportunity this past weekend… both for the young couple to have a place to stay… and for my learning experience.

Oh, did I mention I taught on James 1:1-8 this past Sunday? I love my Maker’s sense of humor.

Good versus best. Only God knows the answer to that question for each of us.

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