This pretty much sums up my day.

  • The Good: Kathy, a shoe clerk at Belk in the Haywood Mall. Very helpful — straightforward. At one point, I tried convincing myself that a particular pair of shoes would be perfect for the Zumba classes I start next week. She talked me out of it and immediately gained my respect. She also gained a shoe sale when I found another pair to purchase. I will be calling Customer Service at Belk on Saturday to sing her praises.
  • The Bad: A young woman posing as a shoe clerk at Champ’s in the mall. I arrived at the store a few minutes prior to opening time — patiently waiting behind the iron gate. At 10:00, the videos in the store automatically come on — so there’s no denying when the doors should be opened. The young woman saw me and another person standing there but proceeded to take out the trash and fumble around behind the sales desk for another 5 minutes. Without ever cracking a smile, she huffs over to the door, opens it, and then when asked for the location of ladies’ shoes she snaps back with a sarcastic remark. I turned right around and walked out. I will also be calling this store tomorrow to speak to a manager.
  • The Ugly: We noticed tonight that someone stole our 6′ porcelain Gulf sign that sat in our back yard leaning on one of the old buildings. The idea of someone coming in our yard to steal an extremely heavy sign is disturbing. We’d had the sign for almost 20 years. Brian commented that we enjoyed it while we had it – which is true – but for someone to be so brazen as to steal something from a backyard that sits on a busy road — and across the street from a police station? That’s downright ugly. How do people like that sleep at night?

Speaking of which… goodnight!

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