Check out the tee shirt Zach bought for me. He had asked me to go here in search of a favorite graphic since he works here. Though there were several designs that caught my eye, this one prompted me to ask:

Do I choose to see the glass, i.e., life, half-empty or half-full?

I have to admit it. I’m a critical thinker. I’m wired to ask difficult questions, to analyze every answer (just ask Brian) and to resist the temptation to jump on every popular bandwagon. If I’m not wise and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, however, these tendencies can eat my lunch. It’s all about balance, which is why I need this creamy tee reminder.

In the past, I’ve beaten myself up, convinced these tendencies were borderline shameful. But now, I find myself embracing them as part of my story because I see evidence of my Creator’s handprint impressed upon them all.

So, does the glass appear half-empty or half-full?

Like my tee shirt says, “Life is good.”

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